CIA Bootleg Manila
proudly introduces STELLA

The name CIA Bootleg Manila was inspired by the historical guerilla entrepreneurs who found creative ways to meet the people's illicit need for alcohol during the Prohibition era. The bootleggers of that time were highly resourceful, and all their activities were carried out with precision, ingenuity and incredible boldness. This is the essence that the company imbibes, as it provides unconventional yet calculated ideas and strategies for the companies and brands that it serves.

While lacking perhaps in notoriety, a lot of women have been equally, if not more, successful than men in the bootlegging enterprises of the past. Women bootleggers had a different level of craftiness, attracted less attention to themselves, and proved to be much more productive than their male counterparts. One such woman was Stella Beloumant, whose operations were among the largest and most prolific in Nevada. And it took quite a lot for the authorities to take her down. 

It is in the spirit of these extraordinary women of history that the women of CIA Bootleg Manila are finally stepping up. In forming a new division of CIA Bootleg Manila, we aim to serve female-centered brands, with the same energy, artistry and rigor as the mother company, but with more relevance, involvement and insight into the world of women.

As women all over the world are finally gaining a stronger voice and position, we feel that there is a need for brands to support and reflect that power.  

We therefore introduce to you, our new innovation and strategy think-tank for women by women — STELLA.

For women on all fronts.

As a subsidiary of CIA Bootleg Manila that is composed of women of diverse backgrounds and disciplines, STELLA is committed to addressing three important facets surrounding marketing to and for women:

We aim to empower women leaders and entrepreneurs by helping them navigate through challenges in today's society, and by defining and aligning their efforts towards a grand vision for themselves and for their companies.

We strive to elevate women-centered brands, so that their identities are well-defined, and their strategies are well-designed and executed.

Lastly, we make every effort to engage women customers, by uncovering their deepest functional and emotional needs to be satisfied.

It is the synergy of these three components that will allow for resonance between the leader and her brand, for relevance of the brand to its consumers, and for a lasting and meaningful relationship to form between the leader and her customers. 


Market & Consumer Insighting

Values Alignment

Brand & Marketing Audit

Brand Strategy Design & Development

Product / Service Design & Innovation

Enterprise / Organization Innovation Strategy

Innovation Research: Consumer Needsfinding & Market Sensemaking

Brand Strategy Design & Development (Brand DNA & Architecture)

The Stella

Getting to Know You
(as a leader) and Your Company

  1. Defining your VALUES and VISION: How are they reflected in you brand or company?
  2. Evaluation of Current Brand Identity and Brand Executions

Getting to Know Them
(your customers & competitors)

  1. Immersive study on existing customers, loyalists, detractors
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. Research and analysis on the environment surrounding the brand
Outputs: Major realizations and insights on:      
  1. The Creator
  2. The Creation
  3. The Customers
  4. The Competitors
  5. The Context

Defining the
Brand Identity

  1. Brand DNA  
  2. Brand Positioning
  3. Brand Personality & Philosophy
  4. Brand Vision & Mission

Designing the
Brand Executions

  1. Brand Experience  
  2. Products & Services
  3. Environments (Online & Offline)
  4. Interactions (Communications, Pricing)
Additional Services:
  1. Content creation  
  2. Copywriting
  3. Graphic Design

Delivering on
the Promise

  1. lmplementation  
  2. Monitoring
  3. Finetuning

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