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Autokid Truck Solutions


In 2017, CIA Bootleg Manila worked on the brand strategy of Autokid, a young company that imports and sells commercial trucks from Japan. In less than five years, Autokid has become one of the top importers in the country and a dominant locator in Subic. Autokid was primed to evolve and elevate from a truck importation company to something grander.

What we did

Market scanning

International trend scanning

Ethnographic store observations

Customer interviews

Expert interviews

Brand DNA & Strategy

Brand & Store Experience

Logo & Visual Identity

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Our Process

CIA Bootleg Manila implemented a thorough immersion in Autokid’s market, studying the macro environmental factors that affect the company, analyzing every link in the supply chain, identifying which regions and industries presented growth opportunities, interviewing Autokid’s various customers – the business owners and executives, their purchasers and the actual truck drivers. CIA Bootleg Manila visited the various stores of Autokid and its competitors, performing mystery shopping and in-store observations. CIA Bootleg Manila also studied the major international marketing and design innovations in the trucking, logistics and related industries. Autokid’s strategies and programs were cross-referenced and critiqued versus these findings and its competitors strengths and weaknesses.


CIA Bootleg Manila then developed a new brand DNA and architecture for Autokid. The company was renamed into “Autokid Truck Solutions”, complemented by sub-brands “Autokid Premium” (for brand new trucks), “Autokid Pre-owned” (for used trucks) and “Truckstop” (for its parts and accessories). The DNA also featured a new customer-centered brand promise, a new brand personality and a grander brand vision & mission. All these were captured by the new tagline that CIA Bootleg Manila developed - “We Drive Your Business.”

CIA Bootleg Manila then tapped Team Manila Design Studio to design the new brand and visual identity – from the logos, wayfinding icons for the stores, uniforms, catalogs, websites and other visual executions.

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Result &

Autokid implemented all the strategies and programs suggested by CIA Bootleg Manila, from the new products and services all the way to the marketing communications and interventions.

“Working with Bootleg was one of the best decisions we made in our business. Before tapping them, our brand identity was vague and our messaging to our customer was not clear. Bootleg was able to help us by carefully studying our unique business industry, our target market, and our past customers. The immediate output helped us identify major key opportunities which we are aggressively pursuing today. Together with their design team, Bootleg was also able to overhaul our inconsistent brand image. Today, we can safely say that our branding, messaging, targeting and our positioning has greatly improved.”

Marvin Tiu Lim, CEO Autokid