Giordano: Innovating a Classic Brand



Giordano Philippines tapped Bootleg to help them understand the competitive and complex Philippine fashion industry with the end goal of plotting a better brand strategy and direction for the classic clothing brand.

What we did

Market scanning

Psychological interviews

Ethnographic store observations

Home visits

Expert interviews

Digital listening

Competitive Analysis

Brand strategy

Marketing planning

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Our Process

Bootleg immersed in the market by applying a variety of insighting methods. Our psychologist and researchers interviewed Giordano loyalists and lapsed customers, fans of other fashion brands, fashion fanatics and fashion experts. Bootleg’s psychologist went beyond common fashion insights to understand the customers’ true feelings on the different brands in the market and their deepest and most powerful mental and emotional associations on fashion and clothing.

Bootleg’s sociologist and industrial designer visited several stores (Giordano and other brands) observing and critiquing the customers, staff and overall store experience.

Bootleg’s researchers also went to the homes of customers to see how they stored and used their clothes. Customer sentiments on social media were monitored and analyzed.

Giordano’s frontliners were given personality tests to understand their thinking and working styles. Fashion and clothing trends here and abroad were also studied.


Through the research process, Bootleg was able to identify Giordano’s strengths and untapped customer needs and market opportunities and develop new brand strategies for Giordano.

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Result &

The brand’s core target markets were redefined – focusing on the Gen Xers (that grew up loving the brand) and their young kids. Bootleg crafted a new value proposition and brand promise, complemented by a customer experience that integrated the brand’s product selection, store experience, promotions and communication programs.