Rebisco: Innovation Research & Market Deep Dive



Rebisco is one of the country’s leading and biggest snack food companies. In the last 55 years, the company has created and marketed many well-loved brands such as Rebisco Crackers, Hansel, Marie, Choco Mucho, Fudgee Bar, Judge and Lipps among others. Aside from confectioneries and snacks, the company is also chips & curls, beverages, ice cream and other food products.


In order to set its long-term future, Rebisco enlisted the of CIA Bootleg Manila to develop a customized research and market deep dive in order to identify new opportunities and possible innovations for the company.

What we did

Desktop and trend research

Socio-anthropological immersions

Psychological interviews

Expert interviews

Ideation workshops

Strategizing and ideation

Incubation workshop

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Our Process

Working with Rebisco’s business development and marketing teams, CIA Bootleg designed an expansive and exhaustive market research and consumer insighting project. CIA bootleg’s sociologists observed how and what people ate in different places – fine and casual dining restaurants, fast food, food courts, cafeterias and street food vendors. CIA Bootleg’s psychologists interviewed people of different ages, socio-economic classes and life stages to find out their needs and motivations when it came to snacks, food and eating.

The team also interviewed food experts, including renowned chefs, culinary arts teachers, food critics and historians to further understand the various facets of food and dining in the country. CIA Bootleg’s researchers also studied the existing and emerging trends and innovations related to food and dining all over the world, scanning the latest brand, product, service and marketing best practices in Asia, Europe and America. CIA Japan’s researchers and strategists also provided invaluable insights and ideas on all the innovations happening in Japan.


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Result &

After the research, CIA Bootleg Manila proceeded to the strategizing phase. CIA Bootleg Manila’s own strategy and design teams identified major opportunities for Rebisco and generated several ideas for brand, product, service and marketing innovations.


CIA Bootleg also facilitated creativity and ideation workshops for members of Rebisco’s marketing and business development teams. The workshop participants were led through various ideation techniques to generate ideas and concepts based on the research insights.


The strategizing process produced over fifty new innovation concepts for Rebisco, including new brands, new products and new marketing ideas.

CIA Bootleg Manila then led the heads and managers of Rebisco’s marketing and business development teams through an incubation process to properly critique, screen and prioritize the various ideas.

Imprints - the first and most powerful memory of your experience with a brand. CIA Bootleg, with a team composed of clinical psychologists, anthropologist and marketing experts, has gained mastery in leveraging this powerful insighting technique which unlocks a wealth of opportunities for brands. It has been an enriching and insighting experience to have worked with this team.

Juan Paolo Gonzales, AVP - Marketing Operations & Capability, Republic Biscuit Corporation (REBISCO)