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In 2016, CIA Bootleg Manila developed and delivered a groundbreaking program for the members of the Property Services Group (PSG) of Unilab that revolved around Creativity, Innovation, and Design. PSG is in charge of developing and managing strategies and interventions related to the various Unilab stakeholder experiences. These include service experiences and amenities, logistics, facilities, security, and other related services. PSG has 40 core members, in charge of over 800 staff members and frontliners, making it one of the larger divisions in Unilab.

What we did

Customized Innovation Laboratory

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Our Process


CIA Bootleg Manila developed a program called PILL (PSG Innovation Learning Lab), which is designed to institutionalize a culture of creativity and innovation in PSG, as well as to ensure that innovative projects are developed in the process. PILL incorporated immersive learning and doing experiences, as the participants themselves ideated and generated their own innovation projects for their company. The participants were immersed in the various processes applied by the world’s most innovative companies, exposed to the principles of creativity and design, and were asked to come up with new strategies and programs for Unilab

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Result &

After six months of lectures, hands-on activities, immersive exercises, and regular coaching/mentoring sessions with the Bootleg Innovation Team, each of the eight innovation groups produced the following outputs:

  1. Identification of the various segments of stakeholders in their innovation spaces.
  2. A deeper understanding of the opportunities and concerns within their innovation spaces that needed to be addressed.
  3. Over 40 unique innovation objectives for their work spaces.
  4. Over 100 ideas generated towards solving their chosen innovation objective that were translated into more than 20 Innovation Concepts.

"The Property Services Group, or PSG, is a very unique group in the organization whose sole purpose is to provide a variety of services to Unilab employees in order to enable them to efficiently and effortlessly perform their functions. It is in this desire for innovation and service improvement that we called on the expertise of Bootleg. From the onset, the experience working with the Bootleg team was a joy because they really listened to how our diverse group currently functions, what its challenges were, and where it wanted to go. And then they created PILL – PSG’s Innovation Learning Laboratory: a tailor made, intensive 6-month program integrating lectures and exercises from leaders in the different industries and fields of study. What resulted was no less than magical. The entire 6-month PILL program undoubtedly changed us all. It changed the way we saw things. It changed the way we thought about things. It changed our process of planning for programs and meeting challenges. It changed our language, and the way in which we gathered as a team.“

- Ms. Leni Rivera, Senior Manager and Head of the Business Center, PSG