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CIA Tokyo Awards 2018

May 29, 2020

Several CIA projects won accolades and awards in 2018.

Globe Specs, the eyewear store designed by CIA won the “Bestore Innovation Award” at the 2018 MIDO Eyewear Show in Milan. This was the second consecutive win for the brand.

After CIA provided brand development, product development, and video production for Beppu Reimen and their “Ikkyu no Namida”, the brand was selected as Michelin Plate on the Michelin Guide for Kumamoto and Oita Issue. CIA designed

Sakura Craft Lab 001 and 002, the two new pens CIA developed and designed for the Sakura Color Products Corporation won awards in 2018. Craft Lab 001 was awarded “Grand Prize” at the Japanese Stationary Awards 2018 while 002 was included in the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018.