Terms & Conditions

In compliance with the requirements of the Data Privacy Act, the Company hereby ask for your consent on the possible use and sharing of personal information obtained from you in the course of your transaction with us.

The data or personal information which we may collect, process, store and/or update are you full name, email, telephone / mobile numbers.

Please note that the Company do not collect information about computer (or mobile device), operating system and browser type. The Company likewise does not use cookies to distinguish one user from other users.

HOW WE COLLECT: The Company collects, uses and/or processes personal information through electronic or automated means.

WHY WE COLLECT: The data collected,  processed, stored and/or updated will be used solely for the  preparation of the appropriate event packages that you may want to avail  from us. Such information will also be used later on for marketing  purposes involving our services that you may want to avail of in the  future. The collected personal information will not be shared with third parties who do not have any dealings with the Company.

SECURITY MEASURES TO KEEP PERSONAL INFORMATION SAFE AND CONFIDENTIAL: Access to these personal data collected is limited only to employees whose work demand access thereto. These employees were also required to sign confidentiality agreement to assure that the data collected will remain safe and confidential.

Also, the Company is using secured data bases as storage of the personal information collected in addition to the reasonable security safeguards being undertaken by the Company to protect information from loss, unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

The Company hereby acknowledges its obligation under the Data Privacy Act of 2012 to observe and respect your privacy rights, including your right to information, right to access, right to correct, right to remove, right to damages and right to data portability. For easy reference on the Data Privacy Act, you may visit the National Privacy Commission Website at https://privacy.gov.ph