Connect Disconnect

“CONNECT / DISCONNECT: How to be a Creative and Innovative Opportunity Seeker” presents effective tools and techniques to generate new opportunities for businesses and organizations.

Aaron A. Palileo
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Bootleg’s co-founder, Aaron A. Palileo, wrote a book that captures Bootleg’s work.

The book discusses the mindsets and habits entrepreneurs and management practitioners need to become creative and innovative. The book breaks down the two major components of powerful opportunities and lays down the skills and techniques to succeed in them. The first component is to find the Inspiration, an Innovation Objective that will move the innovator throughout the process. Here, Connect techniques are essential, wherein the innovator finds new insights on markets and people. Once the Innovation Objectives are identified, the process moves to the second component of an opportunity – the big idea that addresses the objective. To this end, the book presents the Disconnect techniques of Ideation, detailing the various tools and ways one can generate creative ideas.

The book discusses all these while seamlessly interweaving academic theory, scientific principles and management practice. Aaron A. Palileo combined his own experience as a management educator, consultant and practitioner with informative interviews of international and Philippine psychologists, neuroscientists, academes, creative practitioners, corporate innovators and entrepreneurs.

The book was published by 5 Ports Publishing. 5 Ports are the guys behind Mapa, Wander, Grid Magazine. Dan Matutina and his team at Plus63 designed the book.


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