CIA Bootleg Manila presents “EDMO: An interview with a lifelong educator and public servant on management, entrepreneurship, excellence and self-mastery,” written by its co-founder, Aaron A. Palileo.

Aaron A. Palileo
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Dr. Eduardo A. Morato, Jr. or “Edmo” for short, has devoted most of his career life to the management of public and multilateral agencies, private development foundations, and educational institutions.

He was the dean of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and became associate dean, at various times, in the Graduate School of Business (GSB), and Center for Development Management (CDM). He is currently the chairman of Ace Center for Entrepreneurship and developed the Master in Entrepreneurship, Master in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Master in Entrepreneurship in Social Enterprise  Development Track for Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

Dr. Morato earned his Bachelor of Arts degree (cum laude) major in Economics at the Ateneo de Manila University in 1968. In 2018, the Ateneo Alumni Association awarded him the “Outstanding College Golden Jubilarian Award.”

He obtained his Master in Business Management with High Distinction from AIM in 1972 and a Doctor in Public Administration degree from the University of the Philippines where he was a consistent University Scholar. He is an Eminent Fellow of the Development Academy of the  Philippines.

In this book, management educator and consultant, Aaron A. Palileo, interviews his mentor, Dr. Morato on various topics that matter to educators, entrepreneurs and executives. Edmo shares his unique experiences and piercing insights on excellence, leadership, spirituality, self-mastery and the lifelong pursuit of greatness.

Table of Contents:

  • On Entrepreneurship
  • On the Evolution of the Master in Entrepreneurship Program
  • On Collaborations & Competition
  • On Seeing Potential in People
  • On MBAs, The Right Brain & Dream Interpretations
  • On Dealing with The Powers That Be
  • Of Visionaries & Missionaries
  • On The Art of Management
  • On Being Independent
  • On Going Big
  • On Emotional Intelligence & Self-Motivation
  • On Stewardship & Compassion
  • On Being a Man for Others
  • On Self-Mastery & Learning To Be

Parts of the proceeds go to Ateneo Tulong Sulong, the Ateneo Alumni Association's livelihood and employment training program for COVID-19 affected communities.

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