The Creativity Handbook

CIA Bootleg Manila presents “The Creativity Handbook: A Guide for Future Creatives,” written by its co-founder, Aaron A. Palileo.

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Aaron A. Palileo
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Creativity is regarded as one of the most essential skills in order to thrive in the 21st century.

While it is a form of higher-order thinking that is innate to humans, we tend to progressively lose our creativity as we get older. We go through standardized education, we learn to abide by socially acceptable norms, we are made to conform to so-called tried and tested ways of doing things, and we often lose the ability see things from a fresh perspective, to step away from commonplace interpretations, to be inventive in finding solutions to problems, or to be truly innovative in our contributions to the world.

This book is designed to be an invaluable guide for students of higher levels to not only reawaken the ability to be creative in any setting, but also to hone the skill with techniques and processes that would allow the ultimate expression of creativity. This book will equip students with the capacity to be creative, in ways that are productive and deliberate, rather than merely experiencing accidental moments of inspiration. Within these pages, you will learn:

  • The 3 elements of Creativity
  • The practices of creative people
  • How to find creative inspirations
  • How to generate creative ideas
  • How to implement creative ideas

The objective of this book is to mold a new generation of creative thinkers, practitioners and visionaries that would pave the way to a brighter, more hopeful and more delightful tomorrow.

Available for purchase at selected branches of National Bookstore and Fully Booked.


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