Who We Are

A customer-centered and creativity-based firm that helps organizations find opportunities and future directions. We do this by uncovering deep consumer insights, defining our client’s core DNA and developing creative and innovative concepts and solutions.

Our Story

CIA Bootleg Manila was formed when Bootleg Innovation Design, a brand and creative strategizing firm in the Philippines partnered with Creative Intelligence Associates (CIA), Tokyo’s oldest and most successful brand consultancy firm.

Bootleg Innovation Design was founded in 2013 and has implemented consumer & market insighting projects and developed brand & creative strategies for the likes of Serenitea, Giordano, FWD Life Insurance and Ayala Malls. It also developed and ran innovation laboratories and workshops for Unilab, Wyeth, Ayala Land, Ateneo Graduate School of Business and other major corporations.

Creative Intelligence Associates (CIA) – The Brand Architect Group was founded in 1984 in Japan by highly successful brand strategists, architects and designers with international experience.

CIA Bootleg Manila has worked with a variety of clients from diverse industries in the Philippines and Japan – beauty & aesthetics, fashion, food & beverages, financial services, health & wellness, personal care, pharmaceutical, real estate, architecture & urban planning, road accessories & infrastructures, retail, among others. It has helped organizations of differing sizes and situations, helping them understand their customers and markets better, generating better corporate & brand strategies, designing products & services and delivering management education and training programs.

We are a team of

Innovation &
Design Process

1. Psychology

CIA Bootleg believes in the power of psychological research methods. We employ a mix of unstructured and structured, group and individual interview methods to truly discover the real needs and motivators that hide in the customers’ unconscious minds.

Our team of respected clinical psychologists earned their graduate degrees and have taught in the country’s most prominent universities. They continuously hone their knowledge and understanding of the human mind and psyche via their clinical and corporate practices. This deep experience allows them to truly understand how people really think and feel.

2. Social Anthropology

CIA Bootleg’s social anthropologists and industrial designers visit the natural living and working habitats of the customers and stakeholders. These visits reveal a rich set of information that provides a detailed description of events, situations, and interactions between people and things.

Their observation process usually involves looking at people’s: 1) nonverbal behavior - body movements, thoughtless acts and workarounds, 2) linguistic and spatial behaviors - interactions and processes that take place between two or more individuals and 3) customer touchpoints and journeys.

3. Expert interviews, Historical & Trend Research, Brand & Marketing Audit, and Design Research

CIA Bootleg’s insighting process also features a complete immersion in the history and current state of its clients’ industries in order to understand the major forces that shaped the current environment and recommend its possible evolution.

To do this, CIA Bootleg conducts interviews with industry experts and thought leaders, analyzes industry statistics and reports and studies international trends and best practices. The client’s and its competitors’ marketing, brand and design strategies and programs are also thoroughly critiqued.

4. Ideation: Brand DNA/Core Value Development and Customer Experience Design

CIA Bootleg Manila translates the identified insights into brand strategies that cover major strategic concerns (i.e. brand architecture, corporate long-term direction, brand promise and positioning) and tactical programs (i.e. new products and services, integrated marketing communications, operations and organizational interventions).

Our Mission

We are a customer-centered and creativity-based firm that helps organizations create impactful improvements.

We find new ways to serve people by uncovering latent needs and behaviors. We conceptualize new strategies.

We create products, services, experiences and programs that are effective and engaging.

We help organizations find opportunities.

Our Vision

We will improve the world with the best ideas developed to serve, satisfy and surprise customers.