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Enhancing the Sophia Brand


CIA Bootleg Manila’s research and strategy process transformed Sophia Jewellery from an old retail business into a fine jewelry brand (with several sub-brands) that honors the different personal stories people attach to each of their pieces.

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Sophia has been in the jewelry business since 1993, growing to over 30 retail stores in Mindanao and Visayas. The company wanted to find ways to evolve the brand by deepening its promise to its customers and possible find new untapped customer segments.

Our Solution

By interviewing various kinds of jewelry fans and customers, we found the different reasons as to why people purchased and wore jewelry items. Some people wore jewelry for purely personal reasons, while others wore them for social purposes. Our psychologists also discovered the different emotions tied to owning and wearing jewelry.

Our team complemented these customer insights with expert interviews. We reached out to local and international jewelry designers, gemologists and marketers, to further deepen our understanding of the industry.

We also interviewed different experts and thought leaders in the fields of self-care, women’s issues, fashion, style and even leaders of indigenous communities, to see how we can broaden Sophia’s brand promises.

The process revealed opportunities to extend the Sophia brand to serve various customer segments, needs and lifestyles. Inspired by the Sophia name, we ideated the following sub-brands:

Spark – a line of minimalist jewelry 

One – wedding, engagement and promise rings that celebrate love

Pinay – a collection of Filipiniana-inspired jewelry that honor our country’s heritage and local artisans

Hija – a sub-brand of jewelry pieces for children 

Imprints – commemorating life’s moments and milestones 

Affirmations – pieces that serve as a reminder for self-care and positivity

We also developed three entirely new brands that allow the owners of Sophia to enter other segments to further solidify their dominance in the jewelry market.

What We Did

"Working with CBM was a delight. CBM's output exceeded my expectations. They were always 3 steps ahead of us. They knew exactly what I needed. Because of CBM, our organization has a clear brand DNA and accompanying strategies."

Choo Natividad
Vice President for Operations