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Opening New Doors for Organica


CIA Bootleg Manila’s processes outlined new business opportunities for Organica to penetrate in the nutraceutical market. What followed was the creation of two new brands born out of different market insights, each with their own unique identities and strategies.

Project Champions


Project Manager for Project A

Project Manager for Project A

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Organica Nutrition is a marketing and distribution company that aims to serve proactive health and wellness seekers with natural products that will empower them to achieve goals, pursue dreams and enjoy life, organically. To this end, they have created such brands as Sleepasil, Cardiclear, Nightol, ClearSight and Best Shape.

One of Organica’s identified growth spaces was the millennial customer segment. The company enlisted our help to understand and create a new brand for millennials.

Our Solution

We interviewed several millennials from various walks of life to understand their current lifestyles and their biggest dreams, aspirations, fears and concerns. We also conducted workshops to ideate how their ideal supplement brand should be designed - from the name, product range, packaging and features.

We discovered that they want to flourish in life while balancing conflicting motivations and responsibilities. They want a brand that will propel them through the highs & lows of adulting. They also want a VMS brand to blend with their lifestyle and not look and feel like your typical vitamin brand.

We complemented these insights by researching the latest product innovations in VMS across the world and critiquing the existing brands in the market. We also immersed in the brands that millennials find cool from the worlds of fashion, tech, art and lifestyle. We transformed all these insights into a new brand - Now & Later Nutriments - the fuel for fun and fulfillment (that protects and prepares young adults to soar through their days and ascend in life).

Simply put, Now & Later’s mission is to PROTECT, PREPARE & PROPEL young adults.

To bring Now & Later to life, we created several products:

  • (DEFEND) effervescent tablets for immunity
  • GO! lozenges that gives refreshing energy
  • chill~ tea that allows one to de-stress, relax and recover

Brandyard, our graphic design partner, translated all these new ideas into cool, eye-catching designs that will set the brand and its products apart from the traditional-looking (read: boring) VMS brands in the market.

What We Did

“We always look forward to working with CIA Bootleg; though they sometimes make us feel inadequate when listening to their output and recommendations --wow, husay! bakit nga ba namin hindi naisip iyon? Whenever we have new product ideas, CIA Bootleg is our go-to agency to help us clarify, refine, and build a better business case for it. As a result, Organica is now primed for much bigger growth because of our robust (new) products portfolio. More than being truly great in their work, they are such a joy and so easy to work with that we've come to see them as permanent partners.”

Jayvee Reyes
Managing Director, Organica Nutrition Inc.