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SKIES: Sparking Knowledge Channel’s Innovation & Enterprise Strategies


CIA Bootleg Manila developed a strategic planning program for Knowledge Channel, the country’s leading foundation dedicated to the democratization of education. SKIES’ design ensured that Knowledge Channel’s heads developed strategies that addressed the foundation’s present concerns and objectives, while equally paying attention to and ideating its future growth and evolution.

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Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. (KCFI) is the first and only curriculum-based educational television channel in the Philippines.

KCFI ‘s president and executive director wanted a fresh approach to strategic planning, ensuring that the foundation equally addressed the needs of the Filipino students, educators, government agencies, and its own board of trustees. KCFI likewise knew that its strategies had to respond to the immediate needs of its stakeholders, especially during the pandemic, while also ensuring the organization was future-proofed.

Our Solution

CIA Bootleg Manila’s founder, Aaron A. Palileo, and Bayan Family of Foundation’s Chairman, Prof. Jay Bernardo, developed and spearheaded SKIES: Sparking Knowledge Channel’s Innovation & Enterprise Strategies, a unique strategic planning process that split KCFI’s heads into two groups – The Present Group and The Future Group.

The Present Group, mentored by Prof. Bernardo performed a thorough investigation of the foundation’s present performance in terms of its key performance indicators, educational programs, operations, marketing, finance and human resources. Our very-own Aaron A. Palileo mentored The Future Group, which had to immerse in the lives and environments of several students and teachers, KCFI’s core stakeholders. The two groups then generated ideas based on their findings.

All the strategies were then assessed and integrated by the entire KCFI family, before presenting them to The Board of Trustees.

What We Did

CBM was very professional. I liked having thoughts challenged by CBM. Project Skies gave more clarity to what we were doing and the direction we would take. SKIES made a big difference. To this day, the organization continues to follow the objectives set during that time.

Rina Lopez
President of Knowledge Channel