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The MEGA for MGC New Life


CIA Bootleg Manila designed and delivered an intensive learning program called the MEGA (MGCNL Educator Growth & Advancement) Initiative for the educators of MGC New Life, which concentrated on “Learner-Centered Education”, allowing them to effectively adapt to the different learning styles of the students and the changing education landscape amidst the pandemic.

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MGC New Life (MGCNL) Christian Academy is a school located in Taguig City, Philippines that offers basic education. The pandemic inspired the school’s heads to not only learn how to connect with their students online, but more importantly to innovate the way they design curricula and learning modalities and elevate their teaching approaches.

Our Solution

CIA Bootleg Manila created a learning laboratory for over 100 K-12 teachers of MGCNL. Dubbed the MEGA Initiative, this aimed to address one of the most important elements of transforming teachers into more effective educators and facilitators – changing their current mindsets and embracing an overall teaching philosophy that is more student / learner centered.

The learning laboratory featured Dr. Lito Domingo who holds an Executive Doctorate on Education Leadership, Edric Mendoza of Homeschool Global, Angelo Cuyegkeng of Canva for Education, and CBM’s own Aaron Palileo. A major component of the program was that the teachers had to evolve their existing lesson plans to become more responsive to the different learning and thinking styles of their students.

What We Did

"Thank you to the CIA Bootleg and Outbound team! You were a great and passionate group. Your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our time together both productive and fun. MGCNL teachers only had positive comments about the MEGA Initiative and you helped create a real buzz around the workshop sessions. I am refreshed as an educator myself. I have not stopped thinking and rethinking so much of what transpired these two weeks. We feel so much more controlled and confident now and certainly have managed that dreaded feeling of doubts and confusion which can really pull us down. We are excited of our future learning journey with you and your team at MGC New Life Christian Academy. What more can I say about the MEGA Initiatives? MEGA (MGC New Life Educators’ Growth and Advancement) Initiatives is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! A - affirming to our calling as TEACHERS M - meaty with CONTENTS to be better FACILITATORS of learning A - awesome INNOVATIONS and change of MINDSETS Z - zealous, passionate, and energetic SPEAKERS (considering it is unholy hour of training sessions, straight 4 hours!!!) I - insightful PROJECTS and collaborative DISCUSSION N - nostalgic and personal EXPERIENCE (you have made each one felt significant and valued our comments and queries) G - GOAL-oriented and relevant sessions (no time is wasted and definitely will put to practice what we have learned)"

Ms. Helen Villanueva
Principal, MGC New Life