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Strengthening the Foundations of PGATECH


CIA Bootleg Manila integrated four geoengineering companies under the PGATECH master brand architecture, expressed by a new promise and tagline: “Partners in Groundbreaking Advancements.”

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Project Manager for Project A

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Since 1981, PGATECH has become a leading company offering ground improvement, soil exploration, geophysical services, construction materials testing, and other geo-construction services.

After 40 years of operation, PGATECH’s CEO wanted to professionalize and evolve the company while becoming a more dominant player in its industry. This entailed understanding the specific dynamics and forces that govern its industry, assessing its competitors’ strengths and vulnerabilities while unlocking PGATECH’s competencies and weaknesses. The CEO also needed to find a way for the four subsidiaries under the PGATECH, which until then operated separately, to be seamlessly integrated under one master brand.

Our Solution

CIA Bootleg Manila developed a comprehensive business plan anchored on the complete analyses of PGATECH’s external and internal environments. For over 8 months, we studied international trends, estimated the local market size, interviewed decision makers and clients, and worked closely with PGATECH’s CEO and executive team to deeply understand each subsidiaries’ services, clients, projects and processes.

CIA Bootleg Manila integrated all the insights and translated them into a new master brand strategy for PGATECH, anchored on a new DNA: Groundbreaking Innovations for Nation Builders.

The DNA was detailed into a 5-year roadmap that included quantitative forecasts (i.e. revenues, target clients, projects, projects per client, target leads, etc.) and key marketing, operational and organizational strategies, and programs to achieve them.

We also developed a new visual identity to support the strategies, ensuring that the mother brand – PGATECH – was front and center, while refreshing the four subsidiaries’ logos to give them each its own personality while being consistent with the overall corporate identity.

What We Did

Brand Strategies:

  • Brand DNA
  • Brand Identity
    • PGATECH’s Ideal Fans
    • Brand Promise
    • Brand Personality & Philosophy
    • Brand Emotions
    • Brand Mission
    • Brand Tagline
  • Brand Architecture Framework
  • 5-Year Corporate Objectives
    • Strategic Objectives & Key Result Areas
    • Performance Indicators
    • Major Corporate Strategies
      • Brand & Marketing
      • Operations and Supply Chain
      • Human Resources & Organization Design
      • Finance

Visual Identity

  • Brand and sub-brand logos, official colors, typography
  • Office signages and environmental graphics
  • Uniforms
  • Collaterals
  • Social media templates
  • Presentation templates

Insighting and Research

  • Customer interviews – executives and entrepreneurs, engineers, construction leaders, contractors
  • Brand and marketing analysis
  • Design research
  • Competitor analysis
  • International trends
  • Value chain analysis
  • Historical sales analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Market scoping and sizing

"Our team appreciated how thoroughly CIA Bootleg Manila studied our company culture, our clients and our industry. Their insights on how to navigate our ecosystem will be very helpful to us as we move forward as an organization. They were able to help us articulate and breakdown, in a clear and concise way, our aspirations as an organization. Team CBM was very collaborative and they really Listened to our needs. They asked very incisive questions which led getting really good insights."

Mark Morales
President, PGATECH