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LIFE Lab for Personal Collection

Direct Selling

CIA Bootleg Manila developed systems and frameworks to institutionalize innovation within Personal Collection, creating an in-house innovation center of excellence, called LIFE Lab (Leading Innovations & Fostering Entrepreneurship).

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Project Manager for Project A

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Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc. (PCDSI or PC) is a direct selling company that provides quality products and livelihood opportunities to thousands of Filipinos in their localities through its extensive dealer network. It is one of the key players in the direct selling market and has been in the business for almost 2 decades.

PC has more than 500 branches spread all over the Philippines with hundreds of thousands of active dealers.

To be true to its mission “to revolutionize the Direct Selling industry and become the number one DS in the Philippines (and in the long run, the number one in the world),” PC’s leaders knew the company had to institutionalize innovation across the organization.

Our Solution

CIA Bootleg Manila designed and developed PC’s in-house innovation center of excellence called, LIFE Lab, which stands for “Leading Innovations and Fostering Entrepreneurship,” inspired by PC’s promise to “provide Filipinos the Great Life!” CBM activated its multidisciplinary team composed of psychologists, sociologists, industrial designers, researchers and strategists to design Life Lab. Integral to the project were the contributions made by Oka Masaaki, who used to be a project producer at Sony Japan, and Jeff Hamilton, a seasoned industrial designer and innovation consultant who has worked in the USA and Asia.

The team studied the following:

  • International Innovation Best Practices:
    • Innovation leaders (In-house, corporate innovation centers, innovative companies, innovation agencies / think tanks).
    • International direct selling companies
  • Local Competitor Analysis
    • An Innovation, Design & Brand Audit of PC’s local competitors
      • Interviews with their customers
      • Store immersions
  • Interviews with International Innovation Experts
    • Innovation experts and practitioners from US, Europe, Japan

We complemented the research with a deep dive into PC’s internal world in order to identify the company’s competencies and gaps when it comes to innovation and design. Our designers critiqued PC’s logos, packaging, and store designs. Our sociologists performed mystery visits in their outlets to understand the current in-store experience. Our psychologists interviewed their dealers and customers, while our human resource experts assessed the innovation expectations and competencies of their execom and managers.

The entire process allowed our team and PC’s leaders to truly understand the practices of leading innovation organizations and innovative experts, as well as the key success factors required to effectively institute an in-house innovation center. The process also clearly revealed what PC should leverage and what to strengthen within its own organization to further succeed in innovation.

Finally, our team and PC’s leaders developed all the important components of Life Lab, including:

  • The Life Lab Philosophies & Principles
  • Life Lab’s Values, Beliefs, Mantras
  • Life Lab’s Objectives, KRAs, Performance Targets
  • Major Priority Projects
  • Life Lab Service Groups
  • The Life Lab Teams
  • The Life Lab Environment
  • Life Lab’s Visual Identity - official logo, colors, mood board
  • Implementation Plan & Budget

What We Did

Corporate Innovation Strategies:

  • “LIFE Lab” – PC’s in-house innovation center
  • Life Lab Name & DNA
  • Life Lab Identity
  • The Ideal Life Lab Innovator
  • Life Lab promise
  • Life Lab Mission
  • Major Strategies
  • Innovation Objectives & KPIs
  • Innovation Domains and Innovation Projects
  • Major Innovation Service Centers
  • Major programs
  • Graphic Design
  • Life Lab logo
  • Mood boards

Insighting and Research:

  • International trends and best practices: Innovation Centers, Innovative Brands & Companies, Direct Selling Firms
  • Expert Interviews: Innovation heads and experts (America, Europe, Asia)
  • Psychological interviews: PC’s customers, competitors’ customers
  • Competitor analysis: local direct selling companies
  • Store visits and immersions
  • Interviews with PC’s execom and managers
  • PC brand and design audit