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AC Health: Brand Architecture and Strategy


CIA Bootleg Manila spearheaded an intensive strategy and research project to help AC Health integrate Healthway and QualiMed under one clear, cohesive, and compelling brand architecture.

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AC Health (Ayala Healthcare Holdings) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ayala Corporation. Its portfolio includes pharma, hospitals and clinics, and digital health brands such as Generika Drugstore, IE Medica and MedEthix, KonsultaMD, Healthway and the recently acquired brand of hospitals named QualiMed. 

AC Health asked CIA Bootleg Manila to help them design a new brand architecture strategy to integrate its two medical care brands – Healthway (which had a network of specialty clinics across the country) and QualiMed. 

AC Health wanted to ensure that the brand architecture strategy seamlessly integrated the two brands while addressing the needs and concerns of patients, doctors, and the staff of both Healthway and QualiMed. AC Health also needed a brand architecture strategy with a clear and compelling brand identity that was aligned with the company’s mission of “Improving Healthcare for All.”

Our Solution

CBM proposed an exhaustive Sensemaking project anchored on understanding the deepest needs of both the patients and the doctors -- the two most important stakeholders to be affected by AC Health’s new brand architecture. We knew that the key to designing AC Health’s healthcare brand is to focus on people and chronicle their motivations and behaviors.  

Our clinical psychologists interviewed over 30 different patients from various hospital brands, understanding their thoughts and feelings about hospitals and medical facilities, focusing on the highlights and lowlights of their experiences. Our psychologists also discovered what being sick means, and how it affected the patients and their loved ones. 

Our psychologists then narrowed in on the patients’ deepest, most powerful emotions related to health, wellness, and their bodies.

Finally, the patients’ opinions and emotions on the various hospital and clinic brands were probed into, particularly in terms of how well or poorly they delivered on their needs and motivations.

The psychologists’ major insights were then validated and quantified in a national survey.

Our psychologists also interviewed almost twenty doctors of varying expertise and experience. Our team learned the varying needs, motivations, highlights and challenges of the entire doctor journey, from the time they were pre-med students to residency to retirement. Our psychologists prodded as to how the existing hospitals addressed their needs and concerns.

To complement the interviews and surveys, our research team carefully studied and critiqued the brand and customer experience strategies of several leading international hospitals in America, Europe and Asia. We also studied how the leading local hospitals’ brand, marketing and patient strategies delivered on our key findings.

CBM then integrated all the findings from the patients, the doctors, the international and local trends, paying special attention to key themes and patterns. We equally focused on the strengths and vulnerabilities of Healthway and Qualimed, as well as AC Health’s and Ayala Corporation’s history and heritage.

Working closely with AC Health’s top leadership team, and the heads of Healthway and Qualimed, we developed a new branded house strategy, which integrated all of QualiMed’s hospitals and Healthway’s clinics under a clear, compelling and cohesive brand architecture. We called it The Healthway Medical Network – with the acronym “H.M.N.”, which evokes the term “HUMAN”— crystallizing the promise of humanizing healthcare for Filipinos.

CBM and AC Health further developed major and minor strategies to translate the brand identity into a comprehensive patient and doctor experiences, addressing all the important insights discovered during the Sensemaking process.

What We Did

Brand Strategies:

  • Overall Brand Architecture
  • Brand DNA
  • Brand Identity
    • Positioning Strategy
    • Brand Personality & Philosophy
    • Brand Emotions
    • Brand Mission
  • Major Strategies
    • Patient Experience
    • Doctor Experience
  • Internal Launch Framework
  • New Brand Video Spec Ad
  • Graphic Design Pegs
    • New logos
    • Hospital signages and wayfinding
    • Hospital and clinic collaterals and accessories
    • Mobile clinics

Insighting and Research

  • Psychological interviews: patients and doctors
  • Quantitative survey (in partnership with FG Research)
  • International trend research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Internal analysis – Healthway and QualiMed
  • Concept testing

“Working with Bootleg yielded productive results and the folks working on our project were very accommodating, investing time and effort in understanding what the client's real needs were. They were quite flexible in the quali-quanti research design tweaks which were necessary for the establishment of baseline data. I don't doubt at all that CBM will at least double your client base in the next 10 years because you truly partner with your client in arriving at the appropriate brand-skewed strategies. You are not a service provider, you are a partner.”

Menchi Orlina
Marketing and CX Consultant, Healthway Medical Network