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Awakening the Sleepasil Brand


CIA Bootleg Manila delved into of the phenomenon of sleep and rest, which gave Organica the power to redefine Sleepasil and reinforce its relationship with its customers and stakeholders.

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Organica Nutrition is a local marketing and distribution company known for niche-focused nutraceutical products such as Cardiclear, ClearSight and Best Shape. The company is best known for Sleepasil, the leading brand of sleep supplement in the Philippines.

Organica sought to gain more knowledge on the market of Sleepasil and more importantly, on how the brand could become more relevant to current and potential customers.

Our Solution

Our team knew that Sleepasil needed to be a brand that resonated with people’s beliefs and behaviors when it comes to sleep. Our psychologists interviewed various customers – from people who lacked sleep to those that slept well. We also sought to understand the fears and apprehensions of people when it came to sleeping aids. Our sociologists immersed in the actual sleep habits of people, including their pre- and post-sleep rituals, as well as the naps and rests they took throughout the day. We also studied how Sleepasil has helped its loyal customers in their daily lives, not just their sleep habits.

The insights led us to evolve Sleepasil into an “all-natural sleepcare” brand dedicated to helping people achieve their best selves through great sleep. This is captured by the new Sleepasil Brand DNA - “Your Gentle Gateway to Blissful Rest, Recovery and Rejuvenation.” We ideated new products under the Sleepasil brand, as well as two new sub-brands.

Our friends at Brandyard then translated the new strategy into a new visual identity system. The Sleepasil wordmark was fine-tuned to look more balanced and pleasant. The brand’s packaging color was updated to a light to dusk blue gradient that evokes the cozy feeling when one is in deep slumber.

What We Did

Brand Strategies:

  • Brand DNA
  • Brand Identity
    • Sleepasil’s Ideal Fans
    • Brand Promise
    • Brand Personality & Philosophy
    • Brand Emotions
    • Brand Mission
    • Brand Tagline
  • Brand Experience
    • Product Philosophy
      • Two new sub-brands
      • New product ideas
    • Service Ideas
    • Environment Strategies
      • Route-to-Market and Omni-channel strategy
      • Modern Trade & Non-Traditional distribution& visibility strategies
    • Interactions & Engagement Strategy
      • Customer engagement strategy
      • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
      • Website experience
      • Social media strategy and content buckets

Visual Identity (in partnership with Brandyard)

  • Brand logo, official colors, typography
  • Packaging design
  • Social media templates

Visual Identity (in partnership with Brandyard)

  • Psychological consumer interviews
  • Sociological immersions
  • Design research: products, packaging, logos
  • Competitor analysis
  • International trends

“We always look forward to working with CIA Bootleg; though they sometimes make us feel inadequate when listening to their output and recommendations --wow, husay! bakit nga ba namin hindi naisip iyon? Whenever we have new product ideas, CIA Bootleg is our go-to agency to help us clarify, refine, and build a better business case for it. As a result, Organica is now primed for much bigger growth because of our robust (new) products portfolio. More than being truly great in their work, they are such a joy and so easy to work with that we've come to see them as permanent partners.”

Jayvee Reyes
Managing Director, Organica Nutrition Inc.