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The Future of Mega Sardines

Food Manufacturing

CIA Bootleg Manila did a comprehensive study on the sardine, canned and general food industry to lay out new opportunities for Mega Sardines to solidify its dominance. Our insights led to a redefined brand DNA, a refreshed brand identity system, and a portfolio of products that capture the spirit of simple joys in life.

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Mega Global Corporation is the largest fishing fleet and canning operations in the Philippines. Its banner brand, Mega Sardines, has become the number one brand in the Philippines.

The company’s owners, consultants and leaders wanted to identify major brand and product opportunities to evolve and strengthen the brand, and to ensure that Mega not only protected its leadership in the canned sardines market, but in the entire packaged food and beverage industry as well.

Our Solution

We developed an exhaustive brand strategy framework, which started with a clearly defined Brand DNA, and a refreshed brand identity system – from the brand’s personality, values, emotions, and mission statement. The framework also detailed a new set of sub-brands for Mega’s various customer segments and product lines.

To develop the strategies, we performed our unique brand of multidisciplinary insighting process, which centered on unlocking the deepest meanings that Filipinos have for sardines, canned foods, fish, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and food, in general. Our psychologists also decoded what Mega Sardines meant to its loyal customers.

Our marketing strategists and analysts studied 15 years of Mega’s brand and marketing executions, comparing and contrasting them against the direct competitors and major substitute brands.

The first of the major strategies to be launched was a new design system for Mega Premium. Our graphic design partner, Brandyard, translated our insights and ideas into a new packaging design that aimed to position the sub-brand in the premium sardine space, while ensuring consistency with the rest of the brand.

What We Did

Brand Strategies:

  • Brand DNA
  • Brand Identity
    • Mega’s Ideal Fans
    • Brand Promise
    • Brand Personality & Philosophy
    • Brand Emotions
    • Brand Mission
    • Brand Tagline
  • Brand Experience
    • Product Philosophy
      • New sub-brands
      • New product ideas
    • Service Ideas
    • Environment Strategies
      • Route-to-Market and Omni-channel strategy
      • Modern Trade & Non-Traditional distribution& visibility strategies
    • Interactions & Engagement Strategy
      • Customer engagement strategy
      • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
      • Website experience
      • Social media strategy and content buckets

Visual Identity (in partnership with Brandyard)

  • Mega Premum logo, official colors, typography
  • Packaging design

Insighting and Research

  • Psychological consumer interviews
  • Sociological immersions
  • Design research: products, packaging, logos
  • Competitor analysis
  • International trends
  • Brand and marketing analysis

"CBM was able to help us improve the brand’s positioning and craft a roadmap of the future. CBM was able to craft a refined strategy for Mega Sardines. We believed that CBM was the best strategic/insighting partner based on their experiences with other brands/companies. With the research done by CBM, they uncovered some unsaid truths about the brand which helped us in crafting the brand DNA and it's future role in the industry. The recommendations were sound and all ideas were very strategic."

Chris Alexy Fernandez
Marketing Director, Mega Global Corp