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Serenitea: Future-proofing a Homegrown Brand

Food & Beverage

Groundbreaking insights on the consumers and the market allowed CIA Bootleg Manila to identify and design Serenitea’s DNA and brand experience, expressed by a new product strategy, visual identity and a more compelling tagline - “Have a Moment of Serenitea.”

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By 2014, Serenitea Milk Tea has become the leading milk tea brand in the Philippines, with over 60 stores nationwide. It had a loyal set of followers and was poised for the next stage of its evolution. The owners also wanted to ensure that the brand transcended market fads. To do this, the owners wanted to understand the market dynamics of the bigger, more daunting beverage-driven retail industry, identify the true strengths of the brand and to plot its future growth and innovation strategies.

Our Solution

CIA Bootleg Manila created a new brand strategy anchored on the deepest consumer beliefs and motivations when it came to milk tea, tea and milk products. We ideated Serenitea’s DNA – “rejuvenating milk tea experiences that indulge, refresh and relax.” The DNA was expressed in a new set of drink categories and flavors, a redesigned store experience and a more evocative tagline, “Have a Moment of Serenitea.” These new strategies were translated into a refreshed visual identity system, from the brand’s logos, cups, and store designs.

What We Did

Brand Strategies:

  • Brand DNA
  • Brand Identity
    • Positioning Strategy
    • Brand Personality & Philosophy
    • Brand Emotions
    • Brand Mission
    • Brand Tagline
  • Brand Experience
    • Product Strategy
      • Product categories
      • New drink ideas
      • Drink collaborators
      • Packaging strategy
  • Price Strategy
  • Place Strategy
    • In-store experience and design pegs
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign

Visual Identity (in partnership with Team Manila Design)

  • Brand logo
  • Store signages and environmental graphics
  • Product packaging

Insighting and Research

  • Psychological consumer interviews
  • Sociological store immersions
  • Design research: graphic designs, store designs
  • Competitor analysis
  • Expert interviews: chefs and nutritionists

“Working with Bootleg helped me deliver the necessary upgrades to Serenitea’s business model. I became a better brand and marketing strategist. Now I’m more confident in collaborating with bigger brands. It helped redefine our brand as one that is clearly different in the market and with the ability to withstand food waves or crazes."

Jules Herrera-Chen
Founder & President, Serenitea