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Sophia Jewellery: Honoring the Story of Women


CIA Bootleg Manila’s research and strategy process transformed Sophia Jewellery from an old retail business into a fine jewelry brand (with several sub-brands) that honors the different personal stories people attach to each of their pieces.

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Sophia has been in the jewelry business since 1993, growing to over 30 retail stores in Mindanao and Visayas. The company wanted to evolve the brand by deepening its promise to its customers. The owners intuitively felt that jewelry could be a vital aspect of a woman’s self-care practices. Sophia also needed a more seamless strategy that integrated its products (which reached over 10,000 skus), stores, supply chain operations and organization development initiatives, as well as refine their brand identity and strategy.

Our Solution

CIA Bootleg Manila created a new brand identity strategy for Sophia, emanating from a Brand DNA that responded to the customers’ deepest needs and harnessed the brand’s values: “Sophia appreciates the journey of every person, values the story behind every piece, and nurtures the relationships that give life meaning.”

We coined the tagline “Honor Your Story” to convey the new DNA and promise. We brought these new strategies to life with 6 sub-brands that speak of the different stories we wish to honor:

Spark - for the simple things in life

One - for the love that we live for

Pinay- for the heritage that shaped us

Hija- for the lasting bond with future generations

Imprints - for the personal triumphs 

Affirmations - for the faith and gratitude that keep us grounded

Sophia’s new chapter called for a new look. Our design partner, Brandyard, created various expressions of the new Sophia story, from the elegant wordmark and icon, the symbols of the sub-brands, to the choice of colors, each element standing on its own, while perfectly blending with the others.

What We Did

Brand Strategies:

  • Brand DNA
  • Brand Identity
    • Sophia’s Ideal Fans
    • Brand Promise
    • Brand Personality & Philosophy
    • Brand Emotions
    • Brand Mission
    • Brand Tagline
  • Brand Experience
    • Product Philosophy
      • Six sub-brands
      • New product ideas
    • Service Ideas
    • Environment Strategies
      • In-store experience
      • Store design pegs
      • Omni-channel strategy
    • Interactions & Engagement Strategy
      • Customer engagement strategy
      • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
      • Website experience
      • Frontliner strategies

Visual Identity (in partnership with Brandyard)

  • Brand logo, official colors, typography
  • Store signages and environmental graphics
  • Store design
  • Uniforms
  • Social media templates
  • Store collaterals and merchandising
  • Website template

Insighting and Research

  • Psychological consumer interviews
  • Sociological store immersions
  • Design research: graphic designs, store designs
  • Competitor analysis
  • Expert interviews: women’s self-care, gender, lifestyle, fashion, style, jewelry

"Working with CBM was a delight. CBM's output exceeded my expectations. They were always 3 steps ahead of us. They knew exactly what I needed. Because of CBM, our organization has a clear brand DNA and accompanying strategies."

Choo Natividad
Vice President for Operations, Sophia Jewellery Inc.