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Brand Blueprint Design Masterclass: Your Brand DNA, Identity & Customer Experience

This workshop is designed to help entrepreneurs and leaders determine what makes their brands or companies unique. In discovering the true essence, or Brand DNA, they are able to create a solid identity with a clear personality, philosophy and brand promise, allowing for a stronger definition of its ideal markets, strategies, mission and vision.

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Traditional marketing is obsolete. With sophisticated consumers, irrelevant marketing channels and aggressive competitors, a new marketing mindset and processes are needed.

This program illustrates the successful “Brand DNA” principles, practices and actual case studies of both CIA Bootleg Manila and CIA Tokyo, Japan’s oldest and most successful brand strategy firm.

The participants will learn how to create powerful brand strategies by correctly defining their Brand DNA - the basic essence of a brand, the reason why a brand came to being, why it matters now and how it will evolve. The Brand DNA is what makes organizations understandable, useful and unique. The workshop imparts the many approaches and disciplines to finding out and defining the most appropriate Brand DNA depending on the brand’s current state and situation – whether the brand is new, the brand needs an overhaul or the brand needs to be evolved for the future.

The workshop then moves to designing the brand identity to support the Brand DNA - redefining the brand’s target and ideal markets, the brand’s overall promise, major product strategies, personality, values, mission and vision. From this enhanced Brand Identity, the participants will design the Customer Experience that will translate the DNA and Identity into actual customer touch points.

The workshop features the exact tools and processes used by CIA Tokyo and CIA Bootleg Manila on some of their successful branding projects such as Uniqlo Japan, Aoyama Flower Market, UCC Ueshima Coffee and Serenitea Milk Tea, as well as case studies on other legendary international brands.

Workshop duration: 2-day to 6-day (with optional post-workshop coaching and mentoring)

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