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Consumer Needsfinding & Market Insighting:

CIA Bootleg Manila offers a special course that highlights one of the processes that sets us apart. This program teaches methods of consumer and market research that is anchored on the human sciences of psychology, sociology and anthropology. Practical sessions enable the participants to apply these methods, towards a greater understanding of their consumers and competitors and the emergence of new market insights and opportunities.

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Consumer Needsfinding & Market Insighting: 

Moving Beyond Surveys and Seeing Through the Market Fog to Make Sense of Your Customers & Competitors

Management practitioners know that to create impactful strategies they need to respond to their customers’ needs and differentiate from their competitors’ strategies and strengths. Unfortunately, customers cannot easily articulate let alone identify the needs and motivations that influence their purchase behaviors. Needsfinding and Sensemaking are acts of discovering people’s explicit and implicit needs and comprehending why certain companies resonate better with customers.

In this one-of-a-kind course, the participants will learn and practice a new kind of consumer and market insighting that is anchored on human sciences like psychology and anthropology instead of hard sciences. These disciplines have developed effective ways to understand how people experience themselves and their environments.

In the end, the participants will not only identify new market insights and opportunities, they will also emerge with a more profound understanding of their customers and competitors.

Duration: 2 days

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