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Whole Brain Management

This course highlights the importance of whole-brain management styles in effective leadership. It is designed to teach leaders and managers the four major disciplines required in dealing with varying types of people and situations: critical thinking; implementing; empathizing; and intuitive & creative thinking.

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The organization of the future needs managers and leaders that are adept in various management styles. This module emphasizes the need for leaders to be strong in both left-brain and right-brain management and leadership disciplines.

Participants will learn key left-brain skills such as critical and analytical thinking, organizing, planning and implementing. On the other hand, participants will also learn the major right-brain skills -- empathizing (with colleagues and customers), intuitive and creative thinking.

This module fuses together the four major roles of effective leadership:

  • The leader as Analyst / Critical Thinker
  • The leader as Organizer / Implementer
  • The leader as Empathizer / Inspirer
  • The leader as Creator / Innovator

Duration: 1 to 2 days

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