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CIA Bootleg’s Innovation Labs

CIA Bootleg Manila’s banner learning program serves to equip and guide managers and leaders towards groundbreaking innovations. These workshops are conducted regularly each year, and are open to executives of any industry. Conversely, special learning laboratories may also be customized and held in-house for any organization that seeks to develop creativity and innovation for its members, with immediate results.

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The Creative Mindset and The Innovation Process

This is CIA Bootleg’s flagship program that helps and guides managers and leaders in creating groundbreaking innovations. Organizations big and small have enjoyed the benefits of this one-of-a-kind workshop as it allowed them to create new strategic and tactical opportunities, ideas and programs.

In this workshop, participants will learn the process applied by the world’s greatest and innovative companies and brands. The participants will also learn and imbibe the principles and practices of creativity. At the end of the program, participants will not only develop new strategies and programs, but more importantly, a new way of thinking

In-House Innovation Laboratory

This Creativity & Innovation workshop can be expanded into an in-house innovation laboratory / boot camp for companies. In this laboratory, the participants apply the techniques onto their business units and/or company in order to identify new innovation opportunities, then prototype and test these opportunities, until they are able to develop innovation projects supported with detailed implementation plans. Part of the laboratory is regular mentoring and coaching by CIA Bootleg members. CIA Bootleg has run this laboratory for major companies such as Unilab, Del Monte, FWD Life Insurance and Servier Laboratories.

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