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Idea Generation Workshop

This program is intended to democratize the concept of creativity. It imparts a realistic and practical approach to creativity, with clear criteria on what should be considered “creative”, the proper skills and mindset to fuel it, as well as the necessary tools and techniques to guide proper problem-solving and idea generation.

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This 2-day workshop features various idea generation techniques designed to help the participants efficiently generate groundbreaking ideas and concepts for their organizations and companies.

The participants will learn several ideation techniques, equipping them with invaluable tools they can apply on their products, services, marketing programs, functional departments and other management areas. The participants will practice these techniques while also learning and imbibing the principles and philosophies of the creative mindset.

CIA Bootleg Manila has facilitated this workshop for the executives and heads of major firms such as Ayala Malls, FWD Life, Globe, Unilab, URC and Wyeth, among others.


  • The Three Ps of Creativity – The Creative Product, The Creative Process, The Creative Person
  • The Creative Person & Whole Brain Thinking
  • Reframing: Generating Powerful Ideation Objectives
  • Ideation Technique 1: Generating ideas by challenging clichés & industry traditions
  • Ideation Technique 2: The 10 Ideation Triggers
  • Ideation Technique 3: Metaphors & Cross Pollination
  • Ideation Technique 4: Weird World

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