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Potato Corner: The Psychology of Tweens

Food & Beverage

CIA Bootleg Manila took a deep dive into the culture of Gen Z and Gen Alpha, and investigated their attitudes, behaviors and values in relation to food and snacks.

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Potato Corner, the famous brand of French fries, felt the need to better understand the Gen Z and Gen Alpha customers, who they instinctively believed were the key to the brand’s future.

Our Solution

In order to fully understand Gen Z and Gen Alpha customers (6 to 14 year-olds), we designed a multidimensional research process that included creativity workshops and semiotics research.

The creativity workshops were co-facilitated by our research team, a pre-school directress, a child psychologist, and a designer. They asked the tweens and teenagers to ideate their “dream” bedrooms, food and snack products. They were instructed to go all out, without thinking of whether their ideas were possible or not.

They were also asked to ideate memes and ads for Potato Corner, as well as how they would “improve” the Potato Corner logo and mascot.

Concurrent to the creativity workshops was a semiotics research facilitated by our sociologists and psychologists. Our team researched and critiqued the TV shows, movies, toys, stores, games, apps, influencers, and websites that the Gen Zs and Gen Alphas patronized throughout the years. We also studied their favorite memes, and social media platforms, esp. TikTok. Our team probed selected Gen Zs and Gen Alphas to share why these types of media connected with them.

Our multidisciplinary team then processed all the outputs, discoveries and insights from the creativity workshops and the semiotics research. We paid special attention to common themes and patterns that cut across all the data. Finally, we synthesized all the information into new insights on the values, dreams, and motivators of Gen Zs and Gen Alphas, discovering the most significant and relevant ways for the brand to engage with them.

What We Did

“It was hiring an entire team of Master Consultants who were all experts at their own chosen fields. They were able to give me and my team fresh perspectives on specific projects that helped us in crafting our strategies and tactical plans which resulted in executing these in dynamic, quick and actionable ways. If you need advice and plans that are real and grounded, backed by research and real cases, CIA Bootleg is the go-to place for me.”

Jose Magsaysay Jr
CEO, Magsaysay F&B Corp